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Keep More Money
Real People With Real Results
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What Can CHANGE When You Follow the Be Free University Blueprint.

Enroll Today to Get the "Keep More Money" Financial Mastery
$3,500 Program for just $79 a month

Have heard, "its not how much you make but how much you keep"? We are going to show you how to 'Keep More Money" in your life by increasing credit, reducing expenses, minimizing taxes, paying off debt, and bringing in more cashflow every single month.

Life Changes That Happen in this Program

Isn't It Your Time To Live?

Change Your Mind. Change Your Money

A $3,500 Value For Just $79 a month
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Frequently Asked Questions

While we provide live Q&A and our coaches are here to help you step by step ultimately the person who has to actually do the work is you.  

Each person financial situation is different therefore, the time frame for each person reaching financial security is different.  We suggest attending classes and courses as well as lives for 12 months to get the full benefit of BFU. 

Financial Mastery comes with the Credit Rocket, Easy Estates, Freedom Statement, Zero Debt Accelerator, and Smart Credit. 

Each member will be able to attend our live financial and credit classes including 6 Steps to 6 Figures and Instant Income Increase.  

What Do You Get Inside of
"Keep More Money" Program
Below You will find a taste of some of the Masteries, application tools, and products inside of our Keep More Money Program. We know we can help you if you only have the desire to be helped. Register today and watch your life change.
1. Credit Masteries
You cannot leverage what you do not have. Therefore we will teach and provide you with all of the tools you need to restore, obtain, and maintain and excellent credit rating so you can Leverage More Money.
2. Financial Mastery
Mastering your finances is essential to helping you Keep More Money. Here we will give the tools and help you get an instant income increase (average $400 a month), take back control of your money, eliminate debt, shift your money mindset, and learn how to make taxes and investing work for you.
3. Easy Estates
This amazing tool will allow you to do all of your Estate Planning within minutes. Simply answer the questions and press print. Easy Estates has made estate planning easy.
y10 Be Free University
OMG, this class changed my life. Be Free University opened my mind and my money. I am so amazed at how easy it is to take control of your life by taking control of your money. I will be debt free in 3 years including my mortgage and student loans and I currently have more money than I have ever had before.
Samatha Adams
Michael Damond UYG Vertical Be Free University
This is the best program I have ever seen and I have taken Financial Peace. Be Free University really does show you how to apply each teaching and they provide the tools to help you do so. Before taking this program I was living check to check and was stuck financially. One year later after taking this class I have the highest credit score I have every had in my life, I'm a new homeowner, I have two investment properties, I will be debt free in less than 2 years, and I have an extra $600 a month in cashflow not including my rental properties. Thank you Be Free University for share this life changing information.
Wilfred Williams
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