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Make More Money
Real People With Real Results
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Over $56,000 in Value

Personal Financial Coach
(value $6,000)

Most people who desire to get physically fit will hire a personal trainer. We understand you need a Personal Financial Coach when you desire to get in financial shape.  With ‘Make More Money’ you will spend 30 minutes a month with your Personal Financial Coach.  They will walk you step by step through how to ‘Leverage More Money’, ‘Keep More Money’, and ‘Make More Money’.

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Be Free TV

(value $12,000)
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Get live teaching, training and mentorship from some of the most prolific financial minds in the world.  Our Coaches teach Cashflow, Personal Credit, Business Credit, Trading, Forex, Real Estate, Business and so much more, everyday.  

(value $20,000)

Obtain a certification as a Real Estate Investor and/or a Forex Trader.  These certifications are comprised with over 40 hours of education each.  Take your ability to ‘Make More Money’ to the Next Level with Each of these certifications.  a

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Easy Estates
(value $4,000)
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We have made Estate Planning easy with Easy Estates.  With Easy Estates you can complete all of the following documents in as little as one hour. 

Instant Income Increase
(value $1,000)

Get an immediate income increase in your cashflow working the same job and making the same money.  This program will show you how you can use the US Government to give you an instant raise thereby instantly increasing your cashflow. The average person increases their cashflow over $400 a month instantly. 

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Smart Credit
(value $400)
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With Smart Credit you get everything in one application.  Smart credit allows you to handle your credit and personal banking all in one place while helping you increase your credit score. 

On Demand Courses
(value $12,000)

We the best financial courses.  Our courses will show you how to create wealth in real estate, Forex trading, Business, Personal Finances, Credit, and so much more.  We are always adding to our On Demand Courses.  Below are just a few courses you can find at BFU.   

Credit Rocket
(value $1,000)
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The Credit Rocket is the easiest and most effect credit solution in the world.  Simply pull out your phone or computer and within 3 minutes a personalized credit letter can be sent to the credit bureaus certified mail from your mobile device.  The Credit Rocket will walk you step by step through all of your credit challenges with the simple click of a button.  

10 Benefits You Must Take Away From This Program

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$56,000 Program for just $149 a month

Have you heard, "its not how much you make but how much you keep"? We are going to show you how to 'Keep More Money" in your life by increasing credit, reducing expenses, minimizing taxes, paying off debt, and bringing in more cashflow every single month.

Life Changes That Happen in this Program

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Over A $56,000 Value For Just $149 a month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are so confident in our program we only want you to stay because you are receiving results. If we are not helping you change your life then please feel free to cancel at any time.

Yes, our programs are made to flow from one program to the next. Therefore we encourage you to start where you are and when you are ready for the next level please upgrade. Please be aware, there will be another enrollment fee.

Because each personal financial situation is different and each persons work ethic is different each program does not have a set time.  However, it is designed to meet you where you are, on your pace, while encouraging you to complete each task to get you to Be Free.  

Yes, our classes are designed to turn education into application. Therefore, at the end of each live class each educator will open up for live Q&A to help members personally. This is in addition to our clubs and forums we have in our community.

Yes, Be Free University is an educational platform.  It is our goal to empower you to go to the Land of More Than Enough.  We provide you with the education and applicational tools to help you along your financial journey. 

No, we are excited to tell you about our BFU app that you can download from the Apple Store or Google Play.  With our app you can access our platform, tools, clubs, masteries and live teachings without the use of a computer. 

Real Receipts From Real People:

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OMG, this class changed my life. Be Free University opened my mind and my money. I am so amazed at how easy it is to take control of your life by taking control of your money. I will be debt free in 3 years including my mortgage and student loans and I currently have more money than I have ever had before.
- Samatha Jones
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This is the best program I have ever seen and I have taken Financial Peace. Be Free University really does show you how to apply each teaching and they provide the tools to help you do so. Before taking this program I was living check to check and was stuck financially. One year later after taking this class I have the highest credit score I have every had in my life, I'm a new homeowner, I have two investment properties, I will be debt free in less than 2 years, and I have an extra $600 a month in cashflow not including my rental properties. Thank you Be Free University for share this life changing information.
- Wilfred Williams
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