"I Increased My credit 180 points in less than 45 days
And I Knew Nothing About Fixing Credit
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Credit Mastery
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You can restore your credit without paying hundreds of dollars or obtaining a PHD in credit
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Leverage More Money

Credit Mastery Program

Credit Mastery
We Will Guide You Step-By-Step

Step 1: Quick Start

Get started quickly by joining the 800 Credit Club Community, obtaining your credit report and score, and boosting your credit score immediately with the Credit Quick Start Blueprint.

Step 2: Credit Demo

Follow your personal credit plan and letters with the 'Credit Rocket' and delete charge-offs, collections, bankruptcies, foreclosures, late payments, etc.

Step 3: Score Builder

Watch your score sky rocket as we build your credit score by increasing credit balances, and adding new credit lines to your report.

Step 4: Road to 800

We will now maximize your credit lines, personal credit and business credit. Learn how to Leverage More Money and build wealth by utilizing your new credit correctly.

The Credit Rocket

The Credit Rocket is the world's most powerful way to get your journey to better credit started. When it comes to any financial goal, great credit is paramount. The Credit Rocket is your vehicle to fast, easy and effective credit restoration. In the world of DIY (Do it Yourself) the Credit Rocket stands out, in less than a minute you can generate letters for all types of credit concerns. This is a video-guided tool that anyone can follow. It is the best kept secret you will ever be privy too and most of all, there is no printing, licking stamps or envelopes involved.

You get to DIY without leaving your home, send certified mail from your phone, tablet or computer. Watch the video above and witness for yourself, just how fast, easy and effective we have made the Credit Rocket.

Leverage More Money
Will Get Fast Results You Want With Your Credit

Leverage More Money Program Provides
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A $169 Value For Just $69
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On Demand Credit Education

Personal Credit

Anytime is a good time for great credit! Your personal credit is the gateway to every personal financial goal that you set.  We have on-demand personal credit education, that is available to you 24hrs, 7 days a week.  You have the freedom to learn at your own pace with our courses and tools that guide you to your personal credit goals without the pressure of missing information or being late for class. Get  3 On Demand Courses with over 12 hours of training on: how the credit system works, deleting negative entities, how to build credit the right way, how to get approved for almost everything, and so much more.  


Business Credit

Learning to leverage business credit is the key to business growth.  Business credit gives your business access to cash and credit.  It can be the lifeline to your business, but you need clear and concise information on how to obtain it, leverage it and keep it.  It is all right here on demand when you need it. Get  3 On Demand Courses with over 12 hours of training on: how the credit system works, deleting negative entities, how to build credit the right way, how to get approved for almost everything, and so much more. 

Personal and Business Credit

Here’s What You’ll Takeaway After The Program:
Credit Community - 800 Credit Club


The 800 Credit club was designed with everyone in mind, no matter where they are on their credit journey. The 800 Credit Club consists of members who are on their way to an 800 credit score as well as members who have already obtained an 800 credit score


The 800 Credit club works just as any social media platform, it is a place for sharing.  It’s up to you when you have a victory, failure, question, or advice for others, share it by creating a post  in the 800 credit club.  You will find more assistance and a tribe to celebrate with in the 800 Credit club.


We are proud to say, “The 800 Credit Club is the best damn credit club on the planet”.

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Credit Score gone up
Stories From Our Current Members
After using the Credit Rocket and the Credit Mastery program my credit score increased over 75 points in my first 30 days and I was approved for my mortgage that I had previously been denied for on two different occasions.
Tenisha Ford
My credit score shot up like it was on a Rocket. I see why the name of the app is The Credit Rocket. My credit score went up over a 100 points and 5 items came off my credit in a little over 60 days. I'm on my way to the 800 Club. Thank you Be Free University.
Levelle James
Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is different, results are based on you as an individual, we have seen amazing positive results in as little as 5 days.

Yes, as long as your monthly membership is paid, the credit rocket is a part of your membership. There is an additional fee required to mail your letters through our postal partner. Which is about the same price of sending certified mail. 

Yes, we are here to educate, equip and empower you to achieve your credit goals. We believe that our system is not only proven but cost effective as well.

Get  3 On Demand Courses with over 12 hours of training on: how the credit system works, deleting negative entities, how to build credit the right way, how to get approved for almost everything, and so much more. 

The Best Credit Community on the planet is the 800 Credit Club. Join people all over the world who have the same goals, tackled the same creditors, and have reach the 800 credit goal.  Come and let us celebrate, coach, advise, and rejoice with you on your journey to an 800 credit score. 

Free Bonuses With Purchases
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800 Credit Score Blueprint

Obtaining the desired 800 Credit Score is not easy.  We have a guide that will show you exactly how to obtain this score.  We have taken all of the guess work out of it.  Now all you have to do is follow each of the steps and watch your score continue to increase over time.  

$1,500 In Credit No Matter How Bad Your Credit

We know what it is like to want to fix your credit but you need credit in order to build a good score.  Relax, with the Credit Mastery program we have credit cards that will allow you to obtain at least $1,500 in credit no matter how bad your credit maybe.  

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