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Born in the small coastal city of Wilmington, N.C., Brown has worked in operations and in the financial services industry. Upon graduating with a B.A. in Information Systems from Winston-Salem State University, he began working at Wachovia Bank, which is now a part of the Wells Fargo Company. He began at Wachovia, working in the bank’s Operations Division, in which he managed Cash Management Services, and he left Wachovia as a Vice President in its Wealth Management Division, as a Financial Advisor.

Brown co-founded the software company in 2005 with Trinity Manning and Ty McLaughlin. As a result, they developed (, a fast-growing, web-based tool used by behavioral healthcare companies in the Southeast. What started out as a tool to help Behavioral Healthcare Clinicians manages notes about their patients is now a sought-after Practice Management tool for behavioral healthcare firms. After seeing the success of, Brown and his partners are aiming to expand the business to help offer a more streamlined management system for a host of business professions and their respective industries.

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