[Power of Attorney] Tennessee

[Power Of Attorney] Tennessee

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    This is an important document. Before signing it, you should be confident that the person you have selected as your attorney-in-fact will act in your interest and will manage your property in a trustworthy manner.

    This document does not take effect until a doctor certifies that you are disabled. It ceases to be in effect when you are no longer disabled. You may revoke it at any time you are not disabled.

    If there is anything in this document that you do not understand, you should ask a lawyer to explain it to you.

  • [printed name]
  • of County, Tennessee
  • to act as my attorney-in-fact regarding all property belonging to me at the time of my disability.
  • In the event the person I appoint is unable, unwilling, or unavailable to act as my attorney-in-fact, I appoint [printed name].
  • I authorize my attorney-in-fact to exercise any and all powers set forth in Tennessee Code Annotated Section 34-6-109. All of its provisions and powers are incorporated herein by reference as fully as if they were copied here verbatim.

    Upon my death, the attorney-in-fact shall pay and deliver all assets and any undistributed income owned by me to the person administering my estate.

    This Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Affairs shall become effective only upon my disability. My disability shall be deemed sufficient to cause this instrument to become effective only at the time that a physician selected in good faith by my attorney-in-fact determines that I am disabled and thus unable to handle my affairs or make financial decisions for myself. Upon receipt of the physician’s certificate of my disability, this power of attorney shall take effect.

    I nominate my attorney-in-fact to act as my conservator in the event that judicial proceedings involving my person or my estate are ever commenced, and in which the court decides that I am in need of a conservator.

    This instrument, once effective, shall continue in force during any mental or physical disability of mine. However, this document shall cease to be effective when I am no longer disabled.

    Further, I reserve the right to revoke this appointment at any time when I am not disabled. This right of revocation is reserved for me alone and not for any guardian, conservator,