[Power of Attorney] South Carolina

[Power Of Attorney] South Carolina

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  • I, the principal
  • of
  • State of
  • hereby designate
  • of
  • State of
  • my attorney-in-fact (hereinafter my “attorney-in-fact”), to act as initialed below, in my name, in my stead and for my benefit, hereby revoking any and all financial powers of attorney I may have executed in the past.

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  • A. I grant my attorney-in-fact the powers set forth herein immediately upon the
    execution of this document. These powers shall not be affected by any subsequent
    disability or incapacity I may experience in the future.

  • OR

  • B. I grant my attorney-in-fact the powers set forth herein only when it has
    been determined in writing, by my attending physician, that I am unable to properly
    handle my financial affairs.


    My attorney-in-fact shall exercise powers in my best interests and for my welfare, as a fiduciary. My attorney-in-fact shall have the following powers:

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  • BANKING – To receive and deposit funds in any financial institution, and to
    withdraw funds by check or otherwise to pay for goods, services, and any other
    personal and business expenses for my benefit.  If necessary to effect my attorney-in-
    fact’s powers, my attorney-in-fact is authorized to execute any document required to
    be signed by such banking institution.

  • SAFE DEPOSIT BOX – To have access at any time or times to any safe-
    deposit box rented by me or to which I may have access, wheresoever located,
    including drilling, if necessary, and to remove all or any part of the contents thereof, and
    to surrender or relinquish said safe-deposit box; and any institution in which any such
    safe-deposit box may be located shall not incur any liability to me or my estate as a
    result of permitting my attorney-in-fact to exercise this power.