[Power of Attorney] Rhode Island

[Power Of Attorney] Rhode Island

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    This is an important legal document which is authorized by the general laws of this state. The powers granted by this document are broad and sweeping. They are defined in §§ 18-16-1 to 18-16-12, both inclusive, of the Rhode Island general laws in chapter 18-16 entitled “Rhode Island Short Form Power of Attorney Act.”

    The use of the short form power of attorney is strictly voluntary, and chapter 18-16 specifically authorizes the use of any other or different form of power of attorney upon mutual agreement of the parties concerned.

    Known All Men by These Presents, which are intended to constitute a GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY pursuant to the Rhode Island Short Form Power of Attorney Act:

  • That I, (insert name and address of the principal)
  • do hereby appoint (insert name and address of the agent, or each agent, if more than one is designated)
  • my attorney(s)-in-fact TO ACT
  • (If more than one agent is designated and the principal wishes each agent alone to be able to exercise the power conferred, insert in this blank the word “severally”. Failure to make any insertion or the insertion of the word “jointly” shall require the agents to act jointly.)

    First: In my name, place and stead in any way which I myself could do, if I were personally present, with respect to the following matters as each of them is defined in the Rhode Island Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney Act to the extent that I am permitted by law to act through an agent: