[Power of Attorney] Nebraska

[Power Of Attorney] Nebraska

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  • a domiciliary of
  • County, Nebraska, Principal desiring and intending to establish a Power of Attorney
    operative under the Nebraska Short Form Act, does hereby appoint, constitute,
  • and designate a
  • County, Nebraska, Agent, the lawful and true Agent and attorney in fact for Principal;
    and Principal does hereby further provide and stipulate in connection therewith as
  • 1. This Power of Attorney is, as marked, a

  • Durable Power of Attorney and a

  • Contingent Durable Power of Attorney, upon the contingency of,

  • Incompetence of Principal, or

  • Other

  • or

  • Present Durable Power of Attorney

  • Nondurable Power of Attorney

  • 2. By this Power of Attorney, Principal confers upon and grants to Agent plenary power, plenary power subject to limitations, or all and each of the listed general powers as individually marked:

  • Plenary Power; or

  • Plenary Power Subject to Limitations, exclusive of General Powers for
    Domestic and Personal Concerns and for Fiduciary Relationships and

  • No Other Restrictions, or

  • Other Restrictions

  • Or

  • General Power for Bank and Financial transactions.

  • General Power for Business Interests.

  • General Power for Chattels and Goods.

  • General Power for Disputes and Litigation.

  • General Power for Domestic and Personal Concerns.

  • General Power for Fiduciary Relationships.

  • General Power for Governmental and Other Benefits.

  • General Power for Insurance Coverages and Policies.

  • General Power for Proprietary Interests and Materials.

  • General Power for Real Estate.

  • General Power for Securities.

  • General Power for Records, Reports, and Statements.

  • 3. By this Power of Attorney, Principal makes the following additional provision or provisions: