[Power of Attorney] Louisiana

[Power Of Attorney] Louisiana

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  • SS # XXX-XX-
  • who resides at (address)
  • (Principal) who appoints
  • # XXX-XX-
  • who resides at (address) as Agent. Agent accepts and agrees to be bound by this General Power of Attorney (Agency). Agent’s powers will be exercised until further notice by Principal.
  • ARTICLE I Durability.

    This Agency is “durable” and shall not be deemed revoked by my disability or incapacity. In the event that I am interdicted, or declared incapacitated for any reason, then I appoint my Agent herein as my curator or guardian over both my person and my property.


    Notwithstanding the breadth of powers granted to my Agent in this Agency, my Agent shall not have or exercise any of the following powers: 

    Life Insurance. Any power or incident of ownership over any policy insuring my Agent’s life.

    Gifts. Any power or authority over any irrevocable trust created by Agent, if I am a trustee or beneficiary of that trust. Nor shall my Agent have any power over any property my Agent may have donated to me.

    Powers. Any power or authority to appoint any of my property to my Agent, to my Agent’s estate, to my Agent’s creditors, or to the creditors of my Agent’s estate. My Agent shall have no power or authority to disclaim any assets on my behalf if the result would cause them to pass directly or indirectly to my Agent or his or her estate in any one calendar year. My Agent shall have no power or authority to discharge any of my Agent’s legal obligations out of my property, including any obligation of support which my Agent may owe to others unless my Agent and I are equally obligated to render such support.


    “Property” means all of my interests in property whether movable, immovable, real, personal, corporeal in incorporeal, tangible, intangible and mixed, wherever located, however acquired, whether owned by me now or hereafter acquired by me or on my behalf by Agent or by third persons. With regard to Property, Agent may:

    General Powers. Have all of the powers that may be conferred upon agents under applicable law. If a question shall arise as to whether Agent has a particular power, this agency shall be liberally construed as granting such power. Should future changes in the law expand the powers of agents, my Agent shall have those expanded powers.

    Additional Powers. Without limiting my Agent’s powers granted by the preceding paragraph, if those powers do not include the following, my Agent shall also have all of the following powers:

    Purchases and Sales. To purchase, sell, exchange, partition or otherwise acquire and dispose of Property, at public or private sale for such purposes and upon such terms, including sales on credit, with or without security in such manner, and at such prices as my Agent may determine. My Agent may purchase U.S. Government bonds redeemable at par in payment of federal estate taxes.

    Operation of Businesses; Changes in Corporate Structure. To continue to operate or participate in the operation of any of my business interests, so long as my Agent may deem it advisable, to change the nature of the business, or enlarge or diminish the scope of its activities, to dissolve or liquidate it, or to participate in any incorporation, change merger, consolidation, reorganization, dissolution or liquidation. To participate in any plan of liquidation, reorganization, consolidation or merger involving