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The Core

The clock starts ticking the moment you enroll into Be Free University.  The chances of you being great are cut in half if you don't complete the following within the First 48 hours of enrolling in Be Free University.  You can take our course or attend a live class with one of our awesome educators. Remember, In order to be great you must complete the First 48.

1. Cashflow Generation -  The average student see's an increase of $300 to $500 in monthly cashflow almost instantly.  

2. Debt Elimination - Imagine being debt free quickly.  The average person is able to pay off their mortgage, students loans, car notes, and credit cards within 3 years.  

3. Credit Restoration - With the Credit Rocket you can literally send out credit dispute letters within 3 minutes from your phone without ever going to the post office. 

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The Curriculum

We have several schools that are awaiting you. You can access our educators two different ways; through pre-recorded courses to be taken at your own pace on your own time or live instruction accessed through a fixed class schedule.  

Courses can be obtained in the 'courses' section of our site and live instructions can be accessed at 'Be Free TV'.  Each of these are accessible from your Back Office.  It is our mission for you to be able to learn and apply how to create passive income and dividends in the schools of

  • Real Estate
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Trading
  • Taxes
  • Digital Marketing

Unlike most University we understand you may want to switch your major.  At Be Free University each month you can select a different school and have a brand new learning experience.  

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The Compensation


We believe each scholar should strive to obtain the 3-N-Free Scholarship right away.  I mean, why pay money when it can be Free.  

When you become a scholar at Be Free University, we believe in giving you the ability to get our powerful educational services for free. Once you have purchased our Scholar Package and simply refer three (3) other scholars who also purchase the Scholar Package your scholar package is free. This full ride scholarship is offered to all Scholars and Ambassador 200. 


We are excited to introduce a powerful program that pays you a monthly residual income. By achieving the various ranks in Be Free University, we guarantee you a residual check that hits your bank account each and every month! Our compensation plan pays out anywhere from $800 to $1,000,000 per month depending on your rank.