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Live Conference In Chicago

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Join us for an unparalleled real estate investing experience at the Pennies 2 Property Real Estate Conference in Chicago. This isn’t just another conference; it’s a four-day masterclass with the legendary Financial Moses and his team, where you’ll live the electrifying thrill of tax lien auctions and learn strategies to propel your wealth.

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Unlock Property Wealth: Discover the secrets to building a real estate empire with “Build Real Estate Empires Using Tax Liens and Deeds” – now at an unprecedented 90% off!

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Profit Analysis Mastery: Learn how to analyze real estate deals like a pro and maximize your profits with our course, currently slashed to $297 from $2997!

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Mastering Creative Finance: Master the art of creative financing to transform your real estate ventures without breaking the bank. This Black Friday, only  $297!

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Your Exit Strategy – How to Rent, Flip and Profit in Real Estate: Perfect your exit plan and learn to navigate renting, flipping, and profiting with expert precision. Don’t miss this chance to save 90% and secure the course for only $297!

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The Art of Rehab – Making Construction and Rehab Easy: Demystify construction and rehab processes to turn fixer-uppers into gold mines. Avail of our Black Friday special and enroll for only $297, saving you 90%!

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Real Estate Success Bundle: Why settle for less when you can have it all? Get our entire suite of  real estate courses valued at $14,985 for an unbeatable 90% off. That’s five courses for the price of less than one at regular price —only $997

Taxes and Strategist

Business BootCamp

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Join our immersive ‘Tax Strategist Business Bootcamp’ and revolutionize your business finances. Discover the secrets to unlocking deductions, credits, precise bookkeeping, and insightful P&L analysis. With our expert guidance, you’ll optimize your financial strategy, supercharge your profits, and minimize tax liabilities, making every dollar work harder for your business’s success.

Tax Strategist Blueprint For Beginners

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“Unlock your potential and start your journey to becoming a tax strategist with our ‘Tax Strategist Beginners Blueprint’ course. Designed for those who fear complex tax math and the IRS, this course simplifies tax strategy, providing you with the foundational knowledge and confidence to take your first steps towards mastering the world of taxes. Join us and transform your tax fears into strategic success!”