Who makes the most money in Forex… THE INSTITUTIONS. Who are the institutions… THE BANKS. In the course, you are going to trade like the banks and the banks make MONEY. Institutional Forex traders are different from retail Forex traders in the sense that they have better fundamental information and a better understanding of technical analysis. Strap in your seat belt on the way to the bank as you are about to learn to trade like one.

In This Course You Will Learn

  • Why you should trade like the banks
  • Order blocks, what are they, and how to trade with them
  • Market Structure
  • OTE
  • Premium and Discount
  • How liquidity will who show you how to take, get out, or stay in a trade
  • What Price and Time Theory and how it will make you money
  • How not to get manipulated into a trade
  • Understand Fractional Break Strategy and it evolution
  • The best practices to trading like the banks

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 13 Lessons
  • 46 Topics