How to Analyze Any Real Estate Deal

No matter where you are in building wealth, our mission is to take you from beginner to intermediate, to advance. To fulfill your certification you will have to complete 23 credits of the Core Masteries. In addition, you will also be able to select a minor mastery.

Analyzing and Forging Any Real Estate Deal Be Free University

Understand where to purchase real estate, when to purchase, how much you will make, and the exact strategy you should use.  We will be teaching you how to analyze any deal and know if this is good or bad for your investment strategy.

  • Foundational Knowledge for Real Estate Investing
  • Understanding the Real Estate Cycle
  • Developing Your Real Estate Strategy
  • How to Determine Real Estate Values using cost, comps, income, and appraisal methods
  • Using Leverage and understanding its effects
  • Evaluating rental income properties
  • Learn the redemption process with tax liens
  • Learn how foreclosures work in the United States
  • Learn how deeds convey ownership
  • How to do drive-bys
  • How to talk to occupants and neighbors
  • The ten elements of preparation
  • Develop your master book for the auction
  • Learn how to develop an auction strategy
  • Learn the different types of auctions in every state in the country
  • Learn success tips and how to bid online
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Course Includes

  • 8 Lessons
  • 4 Quizzes