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 Step-By-Step- Tax Lien Auction

It is auction time in Lake County Indiana - the same auction that took Mr. Howard from Homeless to Multimillionaire.  Get assess to Mr. Howard and his team as they walk you through EVERY STEP you need to be successful in any tax lien auction in the United States.  

In Class Instruction

You will have over 40 hours live with Mr. Howard and his team of tax liens experts

Real Auction Experience

Get step-by-step instructions with Mr. Howard and his team as he walks you through a Live Tax Lien Auction that made him a multi millionaire. 

200 Pages of Content

You will receive a 200 page interactive manual on how to do tax liens from begging to end to ensure you always make profits.

Only 100 Seats Available

Step By Step Tax Lien Instructions How to Do Tax Liens In EVERY STATE in the US. 

  • Auction Registration

  • Obtaining Your List

  • Analyzing Your Area

  • Developing Your Strategy

  • Finding Rental Amounts

  • Finding Rehab Amounts

  • Current Properties Pictures

  • Scrubbing Your List

  • Geographical Information System (GIS)

  • Occupancy Status

  • Auction Simulator

  • Property Analysis

  • Maximum Bid Amount

Over $30,000 In Value

Get Started For Only $497

Tax Lien 101

Value $995

This course is the perfect start to tax lien and deed investing.  You will learn the fundamentals to real estate investing to ensure your success in your investments.  

Tax Lien 201

Value $995

You will develop our strategy no matter the size of your budget.  Learn how to obtain lists and research any list so you will always be ready for any auction. 

Tax Lien 301

Value $1,995

This course will teach you everything you need to know to be successful with tax liens and deed anywhere in the United States.  

200 Page Auction Profits Guide

Value $149

This 200 page interactive guide will show you exactly what to do in every county in the country.  Know what you should do in each phase of your auction preparation to ensure you always purchase a property that will lead to a profit. 

40 Hours of Step - By - Step Instructions

Value $9,995

You will receive over 40 hours of live instruction as you will be guided step-by-step on how to register, obtain list, scrub list according to strategy, do your numbers, estimate rehab, and finalize your bidding strategy based on ROI instead of emotions. 

Be Free University

Lake County Live Auction

Value $1,995

Go through a live Lake County action with Mr. George Howard (Financial Moses) as your mentor.  This is the same county that helped make Mr. Howard a millionaire.  With the mentorship of his team you will be able to navigate any auction in the country. 


 Class Times: 6:30 pm -9:30 pm

  • September 16 - Welcome

  • September 19 - Registration & Strategy

  • September 20 - Sorting and Scrubbing

  • September 21 - Sorting and Scrubbing

  • September 22 - Research

  • September 23 - Research

  • September 26 - Pictures & Research

  • September 27 - Numbers

  • September 28 - Numbers

  • September 29 - Simulator

  • September 30 - Auction - Starts

  • October 3 - 4   - Auction Ends

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